Monday, July 16, 2012

I missed here's July...

At the end of April I purchased a plane ticket to go visit my home state of Ohio. My mother, older brother, daughter, grandson (1 of 3), cousins and various other relatives are still there, and I try to get home as much as possible. This time 2 years have passed. I'm leaving on the 18th of this month, and am almost ready to go. I'll be staying a month, and will be staying mostly with my daughter, who is my only child. Classmates and I have made plans to try and get together...hope I can see all of them!

As for sewing...I still haven't finished my 2 wall hangings I started...they are in the same stage as when I wrote last. However, I have started a new project...which is very typical of now I have 2 more UFOs to add to the pile. I swear I'm going to finish those wallhangings when I get home! I've also managed to sew some more HSTs to add to the Birthday Depression Blocks I received. All has not been in vain.

My new project is called the Sunny Lanes Quilt Saga. I found a quilt online made by a quilter on one of my much visited quilting sites, and fell in love with it.  The block is called Sunny Lanes and can be found on It is a site by Marcia Hohn, and she offers a gazillion and one free quilt blocks for the making. I've got one made, and lots more cut out to be sewn. It's a scrappy quilt, and I love scrappies! Lots of four-patches to be made from 2-inch squares, and I have been saving those forever! Kind of like a fabric history of my stash.  Here's the block.....

I decided to iron most of the seams open to make the block lay flatter. Right now, I've put everything on hold, and will start sewing the blocks together when I get home next month. Feels good to have this much done. I will post a picture of the quilt tomorrow that was made by the other quilter. This has gotten too long already!!!

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