Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday @ jingerbread ranch

Well, I think this is a first! Two days of posting in the same month! I know sometimes it only takes a minute to post, but to find that minute sometimes seems impossible. This morning we got up early and headed into town for an early dr. appt., went to breakfast, stopped to visit some close friends, hardware store for a part, post office, feed store, and then home! Whew! I'm ready for my nap!
I did do some sewing yesterday, and am proud of myself for getting this far. I'm not a fan of borders, and this project had FOUR!!! It did turn out nice. This wallhanging is a pattern from Nancy Mahoney, and was featured in the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting magazine March/April 2006 issue. I've had the fabric that long! Told you I was way behind in my UFO's!!! Anyway, I just fell in love with it, and wanted to do something with 30's fabrics, so here it is...
I still need to make a backing for it...I'm using up the leftover yardage from the front and white muslin.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well, I finally got brave enough to go to my blog...7 months(!!) have gone by since my last post!!! Thank you Wilma, from Wilma's World for not kicking me off your blog list...I'm hopeful I can move up from the bottom!
I'm not going to try to play catch up for the last 7 months as I try not to live or dwell in the past. I thought spring had arrived here in the mountains, but I woke up on Thursday to 1.5 inches of pretty!! Of course, it's melted now, but the cold temps have lingered.
I've been trying to start finishing up some older projects that I put together last year. I've got one down to the binding, and one hanging here on my design wall to layer. A lot of these will be guinea pigs for practicing my free-motion quilting...nothing fancy...I'm still trying to get meandering down! Most are scrap quilts, and the better ones I will take my time marking and sewing S-L-O-W-L-Y. Practice makes almost perfect in my quilting world!