Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday @ jingerbread ranch

A new conjures up for me the budding trees, tulips breaking ground, my asparagus peeking up to see if there are any bunnies ready to snip their heads off, and our mountain bluebirds searching for the perfect box to make their nests. What I didn't expect this morning was 30* temps and SNOW!!! But, yes, there it was...of course, by noon the sun had come out and melted it. Actually we usually have cold weather up until June 15th, hence the short growing season up here in the mountains. I start my seeds indoors to give them a head start, and plant them after the 15th. Everything always tastes better when you plant, grow and harvest it with your own hands.
I belong to a fabulous online quilting group, and this winter we decided to make Birthday Blocks for one another. Ten ladies from the group signed up, and we were off! We each picked a favorite block, decided they were to be scrappy, and waited for our birth month to roll around. Mine's in February, and the "depression block" was my choice. Oh, how I eagerly awaited for all my "presents" to come in the mail!!! All nine blocks (I'm the 10th) were beautiful! some of the ladies sent extra fabric, leftover half square triangles, and one sent a smaller version of my block which I've decided to make a label from it for the back of whatever I make from them. I probably will make more of the block to make at least a twin-sized quilt, but I thought I would show you what the ladies sent... 

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  1. Looking good marcia. It will make a nice quilt.