Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lazy Day...

Yesterday my DH started at noon to plow the driveway. Some 4+ hours later he was done! I went to help and spent over an hour just shoveling. We have about a foot of accumulated snow at jingerbread ranch, and I think most of it was on the driveway! I used muscles I never knew existed as the most workout I get everyday is my five toes pushing down the presser foot! That's sad...not the idea that I'm sewing, but the fact that I'm so sedentary.
Anywhoo...not much done today...picked out some fabrics for a couple of pincushions I want to make for a friend, and spent the rest of the day at the computer. We did get out to get the mail. Now that may not seem like a big deal to you city folks whose mailbox is at the end of your driveway, but to us here in the mountains it is a big deal. Our mailbox is 2.8 miles from our home! So we were glad to get out if only to get the mail.
Hopefully, I'll have something to show for my efforts tomorrow...

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  1. I am so sick of winter!!! We got an inch or so last night, no shoveling though.I don't mind the snow, just hate the cold.