Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Taking a Snow Day...

It has been snowing most of the day here at jingerbread ranch. DH has just come in from plowing the driveway and removing 6-8 inches of snow. We are 6000+ feet up in the mountains, and it is supposed to snow all night. We may be able to dig out by!

I've been catching up on some reading today, just generally goofing off, and trying to get a hand on this blog. My goal of writing here everyday has gone to the dogs, but I am not one to live in the past so today will be another start on my goal. I'm trying to master putting pictures on here, but haven't been very successful. With a bit of tutoring from my fellow blogger and friend,, hopefully I can succeed this time!

I am a collector of things Mary Engelbreit. My DH remodeled (he didn't do the remodeling, but paid for it to be done) my sewing room for me in July, and one of the new additions to the room was a bench with a drawer in it. I decided to cover the pad with ME fabric, and make up a few of the many pillow panels in my collection to put on the bench. Well, last week I finally got the bug and sewed up four pillows, and covered the bench. I also hung a ME picture that was a gift from my friend, Lynn. She is a fantastic Mosaic artist, and all-around shabby chic person so we try to keep each other supplied with "objects of our obsessions". I'm going to leave you with a picture, and hope to be here again tomorrow...
Well, it didn't work so I'm going to leave as is...the cupboard beside the bench is my stash (or most of it).

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  1. A good start Marcia. Just remember, your picture goes to wherever your cursor is placed. I have never been able to move them after uploaded though, had to remove it and place again. I'm glad to help.