Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

I've really been remiss in keeping my word about this blog. Although life goes on if I don't post everyday, I still feel as though something has been left out, and think maybe I should say it aloud on my blog.
I have been doing quite alot these last few months...sewing, traveling, working on a friend's website, and the everyday things it takes to keep a household running. Winter took its toll on us as we had decided to stay home for the winter instead of traveling to our "snowbird" spot this past year. According to Montana "natives" it was one of the worst winters in 15-20 years. Of course, every "native" had a different opionion of the word "worst". Our driveway was impossible to get out of so we went to live with friends in town for a couple of weeks, but got so homesick we had to come home no matter what. Our good neighbors let us park at their place for the duration, but walking up and down that driveway got to be pretty old fast. Soooo...we took a 10-day vacation to CA. It was chilly there, but NO SNOW!!! Had a good time with all of DH's relatives, and confirmed my DH's reasoning for not wanting to go back to live in CA!
Anyway, we lived through it, and I changed my header picture to today's was 32 degrees this morning, but NO SNOW!!! We have missed spring entirely, and are awaiting the short summer. Still, we will plant nothing in the garden until after the 15th of this month, Hence, our short growing season.
This summer should be a busy one for us as we have several trips planned, I go for my first colonoscopy, and a big trip to Ohio in September for me to visit my daughter, grandson, brother, mother, other relatives, and most importantly, a quilting retreat with all my new friends from an online quilting group that I joined last year. Things are looking up here at jingerbread ranch!!
Chat soon!

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  1. Hi Marci what a beautiful photo!! Sounds like ours spring it has been so wet in Ohio and such. Now very steamy and hot lots od humidity so says hubby!! Here in WA. tis cloudy most every day! Looking forward to going home. LOVE the grand daughter Arsema she is quite a girl!! Patty