Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day 1-1-11

Ahhhh...just a quiet day at home with DH...him watching TV, and me down in my "studio" sewing and catching up on emails. I've been working on some UFO's from last year (and the years before!). A quilting friend and I have challenged each other to do at least one UFO a month for 2011. She called to tell me what she was working on, so at least we were on the same page today. I will be able to put on my binding tomorrow, and ,hopefully, cross that one off my list. It is a smaller project, but will be done nonetheless. I have larger tops finished, but have to wait for the money to be there to be able to take them to the quilter.

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  1. You have another quilting friend???? I thought you were mine exclusively, lol. You're doing good with the blog.