Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snowy March at jingerbread ranchMT

March is going out like a lion here in the mountains. Lots of snow, and 16 degrees @ 7AM this morning! The best remedy for that is a cup of hot tea, and a day in my jammies! I love jammie days...knowing no one will dare try to come down the driveway in this weather! Our driveway is usually the last one to have the snow melt because it is so shaded with trees, and it's about a 6-7% incline. If you're not careful coming down you'll end up in the meadow!
Enough about the I'm going to attempt to organize my quilting projects according to priority. Good Luck with that! I have a lot of UFO's that need just a little bit of attention to be finished so I can post a picture here on my blog, so that's my goal.
I'll update on the progress tomorrow...


  1. Excellent!!!! Now you can post your pictures here and stuff. I don't follow per se, but I put your blog on my blog list, then I can see whenever you make a new post. I'll be watching!!!

  2. Well, it's been a long time since my March post. Summer went by too s/o and I hosted his sibling reunion here in July...we entertained 17 people for 3 days! Lots of food, pictures, memories, catching up, and fun! Most of his family stayed at a B&B just down the road from our home, and the rest stayed in town at motels. We went to Yellowstone in August, and I left September 1st for 3 weeks in Ohio to visit my daughter, who is my only child, 5-year-old grandson,older brother,and his wife, Had a first cousin reunion, and a wonderful dinner with 9 of my classmates from school. It was a fun trip, but tiring.
    That was catch-up for the summer, now for the month of October...I went to a wonderful quilt show in Livingston, Montana with some quilter friends last Saturday...awesome! Lots of inspiration!
    This Monday, the 18th, I'm hosting a "sew day" for all my quilter friends.Some of them bring their machines to work on sewing, and others bring applique, knitting, crocheting, or whatever they happen to be working on at the moment. Lunch will be served, and lots of talking will be done!
    Well, that's all for now...I want to learn how to put some pictures up on here to show you what I've been working on, so that will be for the next post.