Monday, August 31, 2009

Gee, I can hardly keep up with Facebook, and now I have a BLOG!!! The things I get myself in to!!!
Anyway, The mountains here at jingerbread ranch are peeking out among the treetops as we are having the trees cleared from the front meadow. We are on 22 acres of trees, and here in MT there is always a chance of fires so we are creating our own firebreak. We have a circular drive around our log home with stones, and the nearest tree is far enough away as to not fall on the house! We get up early here to enjoy the cooler mornings, and get chores out of the way so we can play. I do a bit of sewing and quilting, and my other half is cleaning up the slash piles left from the cutting. Otherwise, we are pretty much retired. I'll save more for tomorrow.....

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