Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year !!!

Ok, the new year is just around the corner, and I've only posted a few times in 2010! I guess I should make a resolution to add to my blog everyday, but then I'd be committing myself! Truly, I will put forth the effort to write something everyday in hopes of at least having a record of what I'm doing with all my time. I love reading everyone else's blogs and visit them quit what's keeping me from not visiting my own blog??!!
Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to spend some time trying to dress this place up with a few pictures and whatnot. Seems everyone else is so far ahead of me, and, maybe that is what puts me off. Soooo....fellow bloggers, prepare for a barrage of questions from this newbie for help with my blog!
More tomorrow...


  1. Hi just so you know I was here. Anyhow look forward to your daily posts. Patty from ABC quilters

  2. Hi, you will do fine with your blog.. One thing to remember, there are no rules about posting daily. lol Take a look at mine sometime and you will see..

    Happy New Year

  3. Hey, at least you will have me and my 2 sisters as followers, lol. I like to see pictures!!!